Thymuskin™ FORTE Shampoo


Hair growth shampoo (step 1)
For damaged hair & scalp

   Prevents severe hair loss
   Grows new hair follicles
   Clinically proven for 30+ years


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Small (100mL)
Thymuskin Forte Shampoo
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Thymuskin™ FORTE Shampoo (step 1)
Deep penetrating hair growth shampoo

  Doctor recommended for 30+ years
  Results most visible after 30-50 days

  Activates dying hair follicles
  Promotes new hair cell growth
  Blocks harmful hair loss enzymes
  Prevents hereditary hair loss
  For damaged hair & scalp


Patented formula  –  Contains +100% GKL-02, a biologically active agent that blocks harmful DHT, reduces the dying of hair follicle cells, and activates keratinocytes in the hair matrix to grow new hair.

No side effects  –  Silicon Free, Paraben Free, and Bovine Free.

 Use with Thymuskin FORTE Serum (step 2) for best results.

  All products are 100% authentic

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